The birds are here! We have captured a few species on camera and in video as well as a few recordings.

Since the field we are studying is so large and the birds are dispersed throughout western Montana, we are only sharing what we have observed of these different species. We do not intend this site to be “official” but I do hope to share some information and observations. We have made many recordings of the dawn chorus and have enjoyed comparing marsh/open canopy versus forest/closed canopy habitats. We built and designed a “sound cart” to record the dawn chorus while holding up to the tough Montana climate. More information to be shared on this structure soon.

Every year each of the birdboxes are cleaned of nests, sprayed with a light bleach solution to kill mites and diseases and re-filled with wood chips. This is done to prepare the boxes for the next Spring so the birds have a safe, clean nestbox to nest in.   In the past four years someof our records include two Blackcapped Chickadee, eighteen Mountain Chickadee, one Mountain Bluebird, twenty-four Tree Swallows and one Red-breasted Nuthatch nest, totaling in 46 nests.  Many different birdboxes are installed throughout western Montana. The dimensions have been modified and some new styles are being tested to tempt the wide variety of nestbox birds that will be migrating to the area.